Process control and industrial automation are a critical and strategic cornerstone of any industry. To provide precise and reliable control and automation systems is key to the success of any business, and this is precisely what ICS was established to achieve.

Since its inauguration, ICS has supported numerous industrial clients in running their operations efficiently. By providing detailed and reliable control and automation systems, our clients can focus on their core businesses and development processes without having to worry about the quality, precision or implementation of their operations.

ICS engineers and technicians are truly among the best in the world. They are chosen after a rigorous selection process that ensures their input is in line with the company’s standards, vision and uncompromising levels of precision. Through this highly qualified team, we are able to provide detailed system designs, development and configuration implementation systems to support industrial automation and process control goals. Moreover, our global network of experts and partners help us provide detailed, accurate and fast responses as needed by our clients.

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Over the years, ICS has accumulated a respectable portfolio of clients whose businesses have thrived through the process control system designs, upgrades, replacements, expansions and new installations we have implemented.

ICS services are diverse and meet the requirements of our clients, usually surpassing their expectations and goals. From industrial automation to process control system design and upgrade implementation, and from replacement to expansion and new installations, we have solutions that uphold businesses and make entire industries prosper.

  • Modern Process Control System Design & Implementation
  • SCADA/DCS Systems Design & Implementation
  • Control Logic Design, Verification & Implementation
  • Control System Retrofits & Upgrades
  • Plant Control Systems (DCS, SCADA) Application Software Development
  • PLC Programming

  • HMI Systems
  • PID Loops and soft controllers balancing & Tuning
  • Control Panel Design and Construction
  • Commissioning and Startup
  • Operation & maintenance Management applications
  • Project Documentation




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Telephone:+2 02 25376102/3

Email: info@ics-me.com